The center

In our center in the Belgian Ardennes we organize both our own training courses and customized activities for groups and organizations. In our residential community we offer a home to permanent residents and volunteers, we offer a refuge to activists and we organize events. Our training courses are broadly divided into two themes: Nature connection and Social transformation.

Social transformation

These trainings focus on how we can work on social change in a way that is resilient, inclusive and effective. We work from an intersectional feminist framework with attention to power dynamics and psycho-emotional well-being.


Nature connection

These trainings invite you to reconnect with yourself, others and more-than-human world that surrounds us. Those connections help us to live again in accordance with our deeper human values and rhythms and provide a powerful ground for continuing our work on social and ecological change in this world.

Customized activities

We organize customized activities for grassroots groups and organizations from civil society that are committed to climate and social justice. Depending on the demand, this can be a training, process guidance, a vision weekend, a team building or something else. Our center is also available as a group accommodation.


Residential community

In our residential community we explore new ways of living together, working, making decisions, providing food and taking care of each other and nature. We offer a home to a small group of permanent residents with room for short and long-term volunteers. In our Refuge project, we offer a temporary, safer place for activists who need a breath of fresh air. In addition, we regularly organize (local) events that bring together people from the area and from our network. In these activities we build mutual solidarity, share skills in ecological life and transition and celebrate the changing of the seasons together.

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