Core volunteers

Robin van Dongen

They or he / him

Likes: chocolate, making lists, kickboxing, writing, dancing, trees, rituals, meditation, alpacas, purple, body-work and direct action.

Activist, traveler, idealist

As an activist, Robin has focused on various themes, including squatting, feminism, Flemish forest policy and a campaign against coal gas in Limburg. In recent years, their focus has shifted to training and facilitation work. In this way Robin supports groups and individuals to work on social change in a more sustainable and transformative way. Robins brings a lot of enthusiasm, passion and intuition to their work and most enjoys methodologies where participants are invited to use not only their head, but also their hands and heart.

Sophie Vandenkerchove

She / Her

Sophie grew up in the Ardennes, where she developed a deep love for Nature. As a teenager, she participated in a World Camp, which formed her for life. After that she became active as a climate activist for several years. Through her education as a moral philosopher, she  came into contact with Zen Buddhism, from which she drew much inspiration for her further work. She followed a year long program on Spiritual Ecology, and discovered Joanna Macy’s Work that Reconnects. During her stays in Berlin and Brussels, she made extensive experience with the transition movement and the local farming network. Later she started PermaSource, an interspiritual permaculture garden in Molenbeek. Today she explores the importance of ceremonies, nature rituals and wild femininity. Last summer she followed an intensive training as Vision Quest Guide with School of Lost Borders in California.

Simon Stappers

He / Him

Has been involved in a number of grassroots actions and campaigns, such as the climate action camps in Antwerp, Leuven and Liège as well as various forest occupations in Belgium and Germany. He worked on a social center in a squat. In this project he mainly offers a supportive role with cooking and a listening ear for the training sessions. Simon loves working with his hands, meditation, kickboxing, dancing in the rain, building websites, quiet walks and board games.

Board of directors


She / HER

A queer, person of colour into harvesting and weaving collective wisdom, popular education, organising, resilient activism, intersectionality, etc.

Nourished of circle talks, traditional medicine, arts, music, power of the universe and people. These help me tap my warrior-spirit to promote solidarity and do anti-opression work.

Fan of honeybadgers, the moon, change agents, and self-defense martial arts.


She / HER

Filmmaker when she can, researcher, activist, facilitator … Laure’s journey makes any fan of straight and well-drawn lines perplexed. There has already been a lot of time spent in groups fighting for Climate Justice, but not only. There are workshops, with the pleasure of sharing and discovering creative tools. There is also the will that many things change, by organizing collectively as well as paying attention to everyday life. And then there are, above all, many questions



Brussels activist and militant involved in several parallel projects: prevention of violence, animations with children, Support & Recovery team…
Experienced in both direct action, trainings and reflection, they have already contributed to facilitating trainings such as those of Support and Recovery. Developping diverse experiences in facilitation, organization, oppressive and group dynamics.
One of their approaches: emotional resilience and following up after high stress events.



Jovial and social human being. Activist in his free time on any question, situation of injustice. Mainly anti-militarist and/or pacifist. Work at Agir pour la paix as a multi-skilled employee but particularly involved in training for social transformation. Very attached to popular education as a tool for individual and collective fulfilment.


George Wielgus

they / them

Social Rainbow George is a practitioner of the Theatre of the Oppressed, writer, performance poet and natural farmer. They have travelled extensively across Europe and Asia, working with groups ranging from the homeless in London, subsistence farmers in India, victims of the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia, to recovering heroin addicts and street kids in Kuala Lumpur. As founder of the training collective Reboot The Roots they have a decade of experience as a facilitator and educator. They qualified in their Certificate in Joker Training and Certificate in Rainbow of Desire whilst working with Cardboard Citizens in 2010.