Activities 2020

These trainings all take place in English. For our trainings in Dutch and French please click the appropriate language button on the right top corner of this page.

Regenerative Activism - bipoc activists

15 - 20 September

For people identifying as BIPOC

Details to be announced

Feminist approaches to masculinities

13 - 18 October

For people identifying as men*

In this course we’ll be looking at how people socialised or identifying as men* relate to patriarchy and to each other. Exploring how we benefit from it as well as how it hurts us and can hinder our ability to connect and to love. We will also explore some of our roles and responsibilities in working to dismantle patriarchy in solidarity with people of all genders and in so doing imagine what a loving world beyond patriarchy could be.

In the course of the 5 days we want to begin building a supportive and caring temporary community of men. We want to take the time to practice expressing our feelings and offering support for one another. In doing so we want to create a space where challenging ourselves and each other can be possible, if at times uncomfortable.

Social Rainbow


“We must all do theatre – to find out who we are, and to discover who we could become.” – Augusto Boal

Theatre of the Oppressed and Social Presencing Theatre are two methodologies that can support us to transform (internalised) oppression. In this training for trainers we will both go on a personal journey exploring how to transform our own internalised oppression and reflect on different ways to apply these methodologies in our work.