Center guidelines

In a world where we are constantly expected to be “reachable,” it can be a relief to turn off our phone for a while. We encourage guests to do a digital detox during their stay here. Telephone range is limited and the wifi is not accessible to guests. In consultation, we can ensure that you can still be reached via our landline or that you get internet access in our office.

We aim to create a safer place in HodisTerre where everyone can learn. That is why we ask everyone to respect a number of agreements made in advance:

  • The center is free from recreational drugs (including alcohol). You can smoke in the garden, at a specified location, or in the village.
  • In order to give others the opportunity to participate in a digital detox, we ask you not to use telephones or laptops in common areas.
  • We invite everyone to respectfully address behaviors and comments that confirm social oppression or exclusion.
  • Out of respect for the other residents of the house and the village, we ask to limit noise nuisance, especially in the evening.

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