Location of our center



The center is located in a small village, Hodister, in the  forested region of La Roche-en-Ardenne. There are beautiful forests within walking distance and there are many outdoor activities nearby. There are two separate buildings on our site. One of the buildings is used by the core team. The second building is the training room.

The training room

On the ground floor of the training building you will find the entrance, a dormitory and one storage room. The training room is on the second floor. Depending on the weather and the content of the training, part of our sessions can take place in the forest, about half an hour’s walk from the village.


The garden

In the garden there is a yurt with six sleeping places, a compost toilet and a laundry room, where you can wash with cold water. In the long term we will build a solar shower. The kitchen is located on the ground floor of the house. Depending on the weather, we eat in the living room of the main house or in the garden.

Sleeping facilities

The rooms have each space for 6 people, so 12 in total. In consultation, our total sleeping capacity can be further increased, please contact us for more information. On request, one of the rooms can be reserved for women, transgender, non-binary and intersex people. Feros is a trans-inclusive project and we trust that participants  choose themselves the room that suits them best. In consultation participants can also camp in the garden.



During training and activities we provide three vegan meals a day, with vegetarian options for breakfast. All food is organic and as local as possible. We only provide water, herbal teas and homemade syrup or kombucha. In between there are fresh bread or cake and nuts and / or fruit. If you like to drink black tea or coffee or need other snacks, we invite you to bring them.



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